Monday, February 15, 2016

Web site revamp is complete

I decided that all the game review pages were going to have to be updated. That was 133 game reviews plus about 4 to 6 general game pages. No, I didn't count. The reviews are in an unordered list, I just made it ordered for a couple of minutes so I'd know.

The game reviews - well, some of those games are still around. Maybe via ebay, a friend ditching old games, or on a new device. So it's actually possible for people to look for reviews of them.

The current fight is to discourage the spiders from looking for content that was put on my site by the hackers. It took me ages to notice because I hadn't really been paying attention to the site for a couple of years. It wasn't until google webmaster tools sent me a "Your site has serious problems" type email before I found out. The extent to which the site had been compromised was serious.

Fortunately, I had been thinking of moving to a new host and had a site backup from when I was actively maintaining it. The crap was left behind. The good stuff was moved.

So, I'm giving myself a day or two off and then going to try writing new short stories for the site. It's time to be known as a writer of fiction, not a reviewer of games.

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