Monday, June 05, 2017

GOG and Steam

For approximately 10 years, I played and wrote personal reviews on PC games. Mainly adventure games or RPG but there were a few simulator games, puzzle games and random games. But I stopped playing PC games barring Sims (2, 3 and 4) so I stopped writing reviews about 2007. The old reviews still exist but there hasn't been a new one in a decade.

I was inspired to purchase a new game - The Witcher 3 - because it was on special at Steam. I adored Witcher 1. I tried playing but couldn't really get into Witcher 2; the controls were too complicated if you were using keyboard and mouse. I have a game controller now so decided it was time to try the latest Witcher.

What I found interesting while I was there was both the number of older games available and my reaction to seeing some of them. Myst was a game I played which I reviewed way back in 1996. I still remember how cool it was at the time. There was a package of games from The Adventure Company and I remember working on some of those titles.

Any titles I know I played, but I had no memory of, it was probably an okay game but nothing special. The titles I remember are games that I loathed or loved. While memories of actual game play has long since faded, the general fondness for the game remains.

I have no desire to replay most of these games. I fear that they may not live up to their memories or that they won't play well on the current laptop. It is amazingly cool that they still exist though, and nice to see that they can be bought at bargain prices.