Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip Itinerary

So we'll be off and about for quite some time. There's a nice guy who will be house/dog sitting for us while we are gone.

07 Aug 12 Tue Arrive Vancouver Ca

There's a conference there and a few spare days touring around (I have no details about this at this time.) We'll obviously get to Portland at some point.

23 Aug 12 Thu Depart Portland (Oregon)

23 Aug 12 Thu Arrive Miami (Florida) - my sister and sister-in-law live in south Fl.

29 Aug 12 Wed Arrive Chicago O'Hare Intl Arpt - Chicago to see nieces and go to Chicon

04 Sep 12 Tue Arrive Traverse City - visiting a place partly owned by Ross on an island near here

11 Sep 12 Tue Arrive Baltimore MD - potentially visit my aunt but there are many things in general to do here - and from here will go to the celebration of Ross's PhD supervisor's career

17 Sep 12 Mon Depart Washington  Dulles Intl - Start of the long long long way home.