Monday, July 17, 2006

Don't ignore pain

I've had a shoulder that's been a bit painful for a couple of weeks. I ignored it.

Saturday night, I put just a little more stress on the shoulder by hyperextending it and wham, PAIN. Lot's and lot's of pain.

Sunday morning, to a clinic. Doctor has me do a few movements and confirms the pain is based in the shoulder. "Do you do anything that might lead to RSI?" Hmm, computers -- RSI, yes I believe they have a few known connections.

A couple of days off work, a shoulder ultrasound to be done this morning. Another chat to a doctor with the possibility of needing some physio.

The extreme pain probably could have been avoided if I had gone to a doctor for exams and a scan while it was just a shoulder ache. The rest of it probably would have been true anyway.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pixar Studios

Went to see the new Pixar movies Cars on the weekend. Up to the usual Pixar standards, the end credits are particularly funny. But there are many jokes based on car names (they must be obvious enough, I'm not that into cars and I noticed lots) and a good story line. Well worth seeing.