Monday, July 17, 2006

Don't ignore pain

I've had a shoulder that's been a bit painful for a couple of weeks. I ignored it.

Saturday night, I put just a little more stress on the shoulder by hyperextending it and wham, PAIN. Lot's and lot's of pain.

Sunday morning, to a clinic. Doctor has me do a few movements and confirms the pain is based in the shoulder. "Do you do anything that might lead to RSI?" Hmm, computers -- RSI, yes I believe they have a few known connections.

A couple of days off work, a shoulder ultrasound to be done this morning. Another chat to a doctor with the possibility of needing some physio.

The extreme pain probably could have been avoided if I had gone to a doctor for exams and a scan while it was just a shoulder ache. The rest of it probably would have been true anyway.

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