Monday, August 30, 2010

They have got to be kidding

The place I work for has a new program "Swipe to Give". Costs nothing to join, present a card at a participating shop and some money from your purchase goes to the University.


A) How much money
B) What does the University intend on doing with it?

Especially point B - why should I make more money available to the University when you aren't given the smallest clue what it's intended for. It's likely to all be swallowed by admin costs anyway.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new version of bait and switch

After seeing the ads for Uncle Toby's rolled oats, two questions come to mind

1) is it bait and switch when someone advertises that they produce oats like only this company can and so forth. When you find the product on the shelf, it's surrounded by other oat products by the same company - pre-flavoured and no heart foundation tick of approval. With all the various oat products, it can be hard to find the genuine plain rolled oats.

2) Does anyone fall for their line about how they produce real oats. Honestly, there are several companies that sell rolled oats. You take oat grains and crush them which makes cooking easier.