Thursday, October 15, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

After much internal debating, I have decided to participate again this year.

To kick off the thought process, I have also decided to steal a plot line. As such, I am officially stealing the basic plot of "The Tempest". I doubt Shakespeare will complain about this.

Because it's a play, there will be much to do to make a novel of it.

I have been rereading the play online. I also am using an unusual reference dictionary - Samuel Johnson's dictionary to be precise. While I have an excellent vocabulary - there are words that Shakespeare uses that I simply don't know. Yarely was one of them. There are others that have changed in meaning over time, this dictionary is more likely to have a definition that makes sense. In fact, this dictionary has many examples of usage and a good proportion of those examples are from Shakespeare.

So, I have a plotline. I need new character names and a bit of world building. But the stage is set, all I need are the players.