Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ah - checking the stats

The site build provided by Digital Pacific for the new includes two stat programs.

They give different results. One strictly gives stats by the page. The other can show hits for individual images as well as pages.  So I discovered that my most downloaded item is actually a Sims 2 screenshot. Hmm.

The other thing I am spending far too much time on is the error log. My previous site had been hacked into :( and some of the errors are references to hacker scripts that had been on the site at some time. But there are pages that I've moved and an entire section that I've simply not uploaded to this new site.

The unmoved section was software reviews. Given the software reviews are a decade or more old, those reviews are invalid since you wouldn't want the versions reviewed.

Game reviews are still on the site. The games would not have had newer versions and much patching like the normal software would have. I have no idea how hard they'd be to get on ebay or something. And some have since been ported to new systems - like Monkey Island is on IoS now. Still the same game!

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