Friday, February 05, 2016

I've been on the web a long time

I've just been trying to reconstruct my web site history a little. According to one version of the home page - it was started in late 1994.  That's old. Not quite the absolute start of the web but the web was still new.

The first versions were personal pages attached to the university web site I worked for. The wayback machine doesn't actually find any pages prior to 2001 but I'd actually long since moved the site to the second home it would have.

The second home was on a system called ultranet. The earliest pages that the wayback machine finds for those is 1999.

Eventually, my husband bought a domain name for me. Thus was born The earliest references the wayback machine can find for the domain is 2001 - which is probably close to correct. That makes my domain 15 this year.

Just imagine, my sites pre-date google. In fact, somewhere in this house is a check from google for participating in their initial campaign to raise awareness of Google.  I can't remember why it wasn't put in the bank at the time but it's now historical and would not be valid to cash.

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