Friday, November 04, 2011

More Nano snippets???

I can't decide. Due to the underwhelming reaction from the first snippet, I am tempted to say no more.

But I'm a serial posting offender and the idea of NOT posting snippets - hmm.


  1. I'm trying to decide if I want to post some as well. I suspect after I am all done I will post the whole thing but I could also just post as I finish...decisions...

  2. I vote you post at least bits of it. :)

  3. I think you should post bit too! Since NaNo started I've been BAD about actually commenting on anything - read and dash ya know? lol (Aside from this because it seemed to be a question that needed comment lol)

  4. I have done read and dash and

    making short comments! wooo, short comments.

    It was sort of a question, because it is NaNo, any snippet is going to be a bit on the rough side. And I can't tell if the previous snippet was too horrible to read, too boring or what. But I'll cope.

    BTW - This blog is getting hits from - new listing? :)

  5. Yeah I added it to the blog roll so I could keep up since we don't always cross each other on other sites at the same time (stupid time zones lol)

    I started to post an excerpt tonight and then didn't, nothing seemed right all by it's lonesome lol

  6. :D Yes, I'm going to bed on average about when you are just getting up. And unless I twitter just before going to work, I'll miss you entirely.

    As for snippets, well, that's why you call it a snippet. Take a bit that you are particularly fond of and post. Or the first 6 paragraphs of the chapter. Or paragraphs 8 to 15 of the chapter. Whatever.