Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Just realised

NaNoWriMo is going to be my second novel. My first novel was written some time ago - never published and I have yet to finish retyping in chapter 3 more or less the rest of it.

And they would both be classified as children fantasy. Hmm, what does that say about me.

Then again, I love Garth Nix books and he mostly does children's fantasy. Dianne Wynn Jones.

And the NaNo novel has hit 11,000 words so far. That puts me rather below par for getting to the goal on time, they recon that you need 15,000 words to be on track. Still, it's day 9 so there is plenty of time to make it up. And the words are no longer fighting with me, it's slowly getting easier.


  1. Good for you!! That's awesome! That's not a bad amount to be behind, for sure--especially now that everything's coming to you easier.

    You can do eeeeettt!!

  2. As you'll be coming up on your time off soon, I have no doubt you can make up the lost ground! Good luck!

  3. @kaleeko, some of my nano buddies are already 1/2 done. Some have stalled completely. But I'm pleased to be able to say I am making regular progress and each day is a little easier.

    @cami yeppers, I expect that I will catch up on the time off. Or I better, I still won't be doing twitter/tumblr/most of the really time consuming stuff until I'm on track.