Monday, October 31, 2011

Story time

(The following is a pre-NaNoWriMo exercise. It was about 25 minutes of typing random semi-story just going with no pre-planning, plot or anything else.)

“Hi butterfly. Hi Turtle. Hi Grass.”
The bright and bubbly girl was off for her morning trip to take goodies to her wicked wolf grandmother.
Everyone knew her real granny was dead but they all liked to pretend that the wolf was the granny. That way no one ever died.
The forest was dabbled with light. It was a cool place, mostly of very tall trees with the occasional patch of light and grass. Birds twittered overhead as the girl wandered through the forest.
Now once the basket of goodies would have been filled with newly baked bread, fresh fruit and maybe a flower. Now the basket held a few raw pieces of meat and a jug of wine. No, wine is not good for wolves but he rather liked it and no one dared say nay to the wolf.
So the girl in blue (HA!) made it to her grandmother’s place.
“Granny, are you in?”
“Don’t be an idiot child, of course I’m in. Where else have you ever found me?” Originally the wolf was going to save the little girl for a second meal, the dead granny having been his first meal. She realised quickly that no matter what the person in the bed said, it wasn’t her real granny. Once she knew it was a wolf, she made sure that the next basket had enough food to keep a wolf from needing to eat her. And ever since, she had been bringing a basket with meat to granny’s house.
“Shall I pour you some wine?” asked Adelina.
“Yes child. Pour the wine. And what goodies have you brought for me today?”
“Well, old man Codger just butchered his old cow. So he sent you a few bits that he thought you’d like.”
Adelina placed the meat on a plate, poured the wine into a large mug and set the two down on the table. It was rather a cruel thing to do, the wolf had to walk over on two legs which was a rather difficult thing for a wolf to do.
“So, Granny, would you like to play a game today?”
“No thank you dear.”
“Would you like to sing songs?”
“No thank you dear.”
“What would you like to do today?”
“Oh, now that these old bones are out of bed, I might just see how my garden fairs. Would you like to help by tending the plants?” The wolf always waited till Adelina had turned her back for a moment before eating the goodies. While the wolf could do somethings that looked human, eating was never one of them. The mug of wine was also hard but the wolf had learned how to hook two claws around the handle so he could drink more like a human.
Adelina skipped outside and started gathering the veggies that were mature. She placed them carefully in the basket.
“Granny, you don’t mind if I take this stuff home, do you?”
“The vegetables?” the wolf shuddered for a moment. “Of course not dear.”
Adelina turned her attention to the weeds. Her wicked wolf granny didn’t really tend the little garden patch, but granny’s garden was worth some effort. Before the wolf ate her, the garden had been one of the best in the neighbourhood.

Now why, you may well ask, did the village do nothing about the wolf that had eaten Adelina’s garden? Well, my children, after the wolf moved in, he actually was less of a problem then he had once been. The village could send him the parts of the animals that there were few or no uses for and that keep the wolf from killing anything. Before, they had tried to kill the wolf but he was too clever for them to catch. Clever enough to pretend to be a granny and that’s a very clever wolf you must admit.


  1. The wolf is clever but I think she's clever too. Lovely writing.

  2. Too kind, MJ. That literally was just spewing out words to make a semi story to get a feel for exactly how fast I can go.

    Not bad, but I'm going to have to work for the word count during the week. :)