Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blogger's new interface

Some bit I like. Some bits I am not too keen on. Most of what I'm not keen on are the parts of the interface that don't have the functionality of the old one - like setting the options for comments. You have to go to the old interface to see all the options.

But one thing that has really come home to me with the new interface is that my blog stats - I really should look at the sums across the blogs and not the totals for any single blog. Especially true of the Sims blogs, most people only use one or two blogs - not 5. Each of the story blogs has a different set of followers - though they do share a number of users too.

And I finally stopped getting depressed that the group blog has far far far more hits then any of the story blogs I actually work on. That's never going to make me happy but at least I don't get depressed about it.

They've finally announced dynamic views but at the moment, dynamic views don't allow you to have your widgets - at all. And no custom banners. So, sort of cool but I'm not going to recommending them for awhile.


  1. I thought I have commented on this?

    I changed the view to flipcard and then see all the dates with thumbnails on the boxes, like a calendar. I think this dynamic view template looks cool for personal blog/ diary :)

  2. Hey MJ,

    never matters to me on this blog if anyone pays the slightest attention. :)
    Definitely some dynamic views are better then others. I like how you can choose which you like when you visit. But only a couple of the views work for our normal blogs.