Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm of two minds about Twitter. It can be entertaining - short interesting posts or links to neat stuff.

It also attempts to consume my soul. Both the sheer volume of stuff and sometimes feeling like a completely unwanted trespasser in that part of cyberspace.

So I'm taking a break from Twitter. And not a soul will ever notice.


  1. It makes two. I'm taking a break too from Twitter. I just could not catch up, especially with my timezone.

  2. S'understandable, but I will miss seeing your face(s) around!

    Honestly, I don't even bother getting "caught up" on Twitter. I only read what goes up while I'm sitting at the computer, and sometimes don't even pay attention to that unless I get a @mention. I use Tweetdeck though, so it makes it really easy to separate people into groups, and and it beeps at me when someone's talking to me. ;D

    I had been wondering why I hadn't seen you about there lately--but no worries! You should never feel obligated to stick around stuff like that. ^-^ <3