Saturday, September 24, 2011

I think I'm going to have to find a new food blog

I'm a follower of Health Cheap Good blog. It was quite a good blog, reasonable recipes, regularly articles.

However, the main blogger got married and is writing for something else now and there have only been a few posts in that blog for months.

So, I need to start looking for another regular food blog that has stuff I'd actually make and eat. I do follow a food blog from Tuscany but that's more for the information. I really don't think I want to try drying out meats for salami or some of the other projects she's done.


  1.'s heaven from over on angie's blog. Being nosy and looking for Howie and found this. A friend of mine from college has a food blog; I am not sure what you like or are interested in eating but she has a variety of things that all look tasty to me. Maybe worth a gander. :)

  2. Hey heaven, nice to see you.

    I'll have a look at that blog and a look at yours as well.

    You missed Howie by ->that<- much, he's in my Short Story blog. :)