Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Short from a random line

The random line is "peachpuff photographs jungle requiem cocoon lemonchiffon pewter watercolor "

"Which do you prefer, the peachpuff or the lemonchiffon blouse?"

"For the photographs? The lemonchiffon, the peachpuff gives your skin a hideous tone."

"Is it true? Charlie died in the jungles of Brazil?"

"Yes, unfortunately he opened a cocoon containing thousands of young spiders. He never had a chance."

"The requiem is in an hour, are we ready?"

"Just a couple more minutes."

They place the photograph in front of the pewter cup, the last trophy ever won by their jungle going friend. The cup is just beneath a watercolor of the brave explorer at the age of nine.


  1. I'm sure I received spam like this just the other day.

  2. You may be right. I've read some of the drivel that's embedded in spam messages, though usually it's not quite sensible. :)