Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two very different Comedies on SBS

The first is Corner Gas a Canadian production. The action takes place in a tiny town called Dog River. It's very sweet, with believable characters and some great dialogue and ideas. One episode featured a group creating a book club. The first book was something you'd expect a group like that to read "Life of PI". It quickly switches to reading action/thriller type novels when the second book was "The Saint in New York". (Side note, I own that edition of that particular book). Listening to their discussions about a Rambo novel and the original James Bond novels is pretty funny.

The second is completely different. It's Drawn Together, the animated version of Big Brother. Each of the 8 characters in the house is drawn in a different style including a Disney Princess, Japanese anime and the classic comic book hero. The humor here is rough, rude and crude. But it is quite different and you never know quite where they are going with each plot.

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