Thursday, September 07, 2006

This will be a good start

I'm fond of music, and in our house, there are a lot of cds. But you still get the occasions when you want to try someone new. Or add more albums of an artist that you like but you don't know where to start.

So it's nice to see top album lists like the Rolling Stones magazine top 500 of all time. We own some of these albums on cd. There are a few we have that are on that old-fashioned large black format... ;) But there are many that we don't own. Some of the list are useful because if you want to try an artist, start with one of their best albums. Others are useful because I want to expand a collection (David Bowie for one) where there are many albums and you want to add more of the best.

It's obvious that the compilers of this list are big Beatles fans. The top 100 has a number of Beatles albums.


  1. My favourite recently bought CDs are Wolfmother, Jesus and Mary Chain 21 Tracks, and the soundtrack from Genghis Blues.

  2. Hey ya Friendless! We were in Brissie lately and have several new albums to listen to as a result. I'm working my way through the 6 cd set Best Film Classics 100 as well as the others.