Friday, September 08, 2006

Carrying on in the Music Theme

I realised this morning while driving into work that if I wrote a post a week about each music CD we own, I'll have posts for the next 4 years (give or take a bit but we own a lot of music.) Without further ado, let's get this puppy started.

Eagles The Long Run

The Eagles music is fairly old style classic rock. This particular album is their final album, and demonstrates their well-established style. I love the tracks "I can't tell you why", "Heartache tonight" and "The Long Run". All of the tracks are enjoyable to listen to for me. Your mileage may vary, if you don't enjoy old style rock, you probably won't enjoy this album.

As a side note, if you really want to get me to sing, The Eagles and Billy Joel songs are good for that. I'll sing along without quite realising that I'm doing it.

1 comment:

  1. I can't tell whether I like the Eagles or not. I have heard their famous songs so many times that although I know the words and can sing along, it feels like I'm wasting my time because I could be listening to something new.