Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When writing becomes fun

Well, this is in my view. Other writers may disagree.

But for me, it's when the characters come to life and there are suddenly scenes in the novel that you never anticipated. They can spring out of nowhere and they DEMAND to be left in the novel.

My first NaNo waited until 12 chapters in before one character suddenly told another that he loved them. It was supposed to just be a "Magic User Off to Find His Skills" quest type novel. Romance had never crossed my mind. But no, one of them had to fall in love. Over time, the other responds.

I think what I like about this is just that it keeps the characters from feeling flat. If they suddenly show desires or motives of their own, then they are much more realistic.

Who would I expect to disagree? Well, I tend to only have the vaguest plot outline in mind. A lot of my writing is filling in the blanks between distance plot points. I know a lot of writers like to outline everything. They like to have a solid working structure. They probably don't like characters that jump out of line because it's going to ruin their structure.

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