Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I think that's going to need fixing

So, I am slowly typing into this computer my actual first novel (still).

And there are a few problems that pop up from time to time.
My current problem is that my group bought horses and a mule.
A page later, they walk into a city and somehow don't have to deal with the animals - they didn't put them in a stable - or tie them up or indeed anything.

Sheesh. That's gotta be fixed.


  1. You may want to mention sending one of them to stable the beasties. lol

  2. There were a number of problems with the text when they entered the city. I fixed a couple of them but suddenly remembered the animals - which I didn't feel like fixing at the time.

  3. I ended up rewriting them coming into the city to fix that and about three more problems!