Sunday, June 24, 2012

Working on a skill

For the last 30 days, I had decided to try a sketch a day. Nothing too complex, just something every day.

Now I happened to have come across this LifeHacker article on how to get past the "I suck" barrier.

Several pieces of advice there make sense

  • take breaks - well, that was one advantage of sketching - I didn't work long enough on any one to need that but I can see it would be useful.
  • know when to quit and learn from your mistakes. Now I did this one several times. Sometimes I'd just rapidly realise that the thing I wanted to draw was way too complex for me or that if I kept trying to correct the problems, I'd make things worse.
  • try a smaller project - like above, find a simpler subject for sketching but one that still forced me to work at the skill
  • and KEEP practicing. 
So, while still needing a lot more practice to actually be good, 30 days of sketching certainly did prove to me that I could learn and get better at the skill.

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