Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is only for the strong of mind and stomach

When clearing out things from my mother's house, we found a print copy of my first (and currently only) novel.

First novel == it's not going to be brilliant. But I've been typing it in lately, to get a feel for it, and with some work after the current copy is typed in, it might be ok. Maybe.

If you have a need to read something now and quality is something for lesser mortals, Here is Chapter one of Ted the Dragon.


  1. Lol, you never told us you have this blog! I really..really love Ted and his companionship. Looking forward for the third part.

  2. MJ, I've always had this blog. It's so old, it was on blogspot and didn't belong to google at the time. It's just a blog, no stories, no rhyme or reason to the posts.

    I'll have to fix up the comments though, these should post, not wait for moderation.