Friday, April 29, 2011

April has been a good month for stats

Warning - this is very boring.

I finally had a really decent month for hits across the various story blogs. For the first time ever, one topped 1000 for the month, more like 1200 and still climbing. Several others are well over 500. All of the ones I actually update are being looked at far more often this month then previously.

Will it continue? I hope so but there is no way to tell. If it stays up for a couple of months, I'll be such a happy happy camper. In the meantime, I'm pleased that a few more people finally discovered them.

I've never really cared if this blog is read or not, this is the random blog. Two of the other blogs are short story types and I expect the stats to drop when there is no story running. But the other three, well, it's nice to see they are gathering an audience. And the two short story ones have also had an extremely good month.


  1. Cool! I hope that helps your self esteem some, grouchy PiB is scary.

    Just as a precaution though, double check your Don't Track My Pageviews option--mine got reset a while ago and it caused a rather surprising bump in the Canadian Flock-using membership for a couple of weeks. ;D

    Doubt that's the reason you got increasage, though. /cheer!

  2. Should keep grouchy PiB away for some time. :) Or at least away from blogs - there may be grouchy Pib for other things...which won't be one you see.

    I hope the blogs are finally gaining some good attention.

  3. So it wasn't the pageview tracker glitch? Cool! Glad to hear that. Freaked me out when it happened to me, got over 1k views on the Nonsense blog and I was like, "Wtf?!" And then, I saw that over 1/4th of them were my own, because my own views were getting re-tracked again on both my blogs. Totally gave me a O.o moment!

    Haha--well, I hope you don't find other reasons to be grouchy. Still, I wish this didn't matter to you as much as it does. XD But, at least you've reached a point you feel content? I hope?

  4. I doubt it was the page tracker glitch, though it could be some random flux.

    :) I can safely say the stats are a phase. How long it lasts at any one time is random, but I will stop caring about them at some point. And start again months/years later.

    Yep, much more content. And just hit me upside the head "Stop channeling Sammy, woman" if I seem to be sliding dark. I need the occasional reboot. :)