Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a worry

We have two dogs, and they are 13 and 12 years old. For their size, that's a fairly old.

One of them has been throwing up and some nights this week refusing food. Dogs refusing food more than a day is a worry.

The other has been having problems with his ears but he's been prone to that for years.


  1. :( :( Awww. I'm sorry to hear that... Unfortunately, though it's possible that it's nothing major or something a vet can sort out, it's entirely possible that they're reaching the end of their life. That is possibly the worst thing about owning a pet: you'll almost always outlive them.

    I hope that everything's okay, but if not, remember that they've lived a long and happy life thanks to you, and and that's the best thing a pup could ever ask for. :)

  2. The ear thing mostly effects his humans because our dog has been getting really restless at like 2 in the morning - noticable when they share your room.

    But the other dog skipping dinner two nights in a week and eating half on another that is not good. She goes walks, she's drinking but eating alternate days?

    And yes, that is the problem with pets. There aren't many that might outlive you. :(