Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ouch! That hurts!

Looking through my stats log and found a new referer. The game reviews have a mention in GameRevolution in an article entitled "Mind Over Meta".

The ouch? Here is the paragraph linking to my site "In some cases, half the scores Gamerankings included in their aggregates were from small, unheard of fan sites with terrible writing and ghastly design, and we were certain the opinions of these amateurs were inflating aggregate scores." Yep, I am the example of a small, unheard of fan site with terrible writing and ghastly design.

Now let's see, small - yep that's ok. Unheard of - well, I do get 1500 page views a day - is that unheard of? Fan site - not by my definition of fan site but I'll let it pass. Ghastly design - matter of opinion there but mine is very basic. It's the 'terrible writing' that I object to! In a world where spelling is optional and complete sentences rarely seen, how can they point to my site and say it is 'terrible writing'?

On the other hand, I think their site has ghastly freaking design. White text on a black background is very difficult to read. And they have a set width which looks silly on my nice big monitor.

As a side note, I believe that Gamerankings has never used my site for aggregating scores.

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