Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Merlin with his bandage

Merlin had Cruicate repair surgery. He has had the surgery done on the other hind leg a couple of years back, and it turned a perpetually limping dog into a happy rarely limping dog. We hope that the surgery this time is the same. The recovery is slow, to give the joint a chance to thoroughly heal. But the results should be worth it.

That is a bandage and not a cast, though the size of it suggests the latter. It weighed enough as well, but did provide a lot of support for the first 2 weeks after the surgery.


  1. Woah. That's some bandage! Do you have to change it?

  2. No, it stayed in place for 10 days after the surgery then was removed. Tonights picture will be of Merlin's nearly naked leg the day the bandage came off.

    That bandage had to stay dry though and that was a pain since Townsville kept having light drizzles the first couple of days after the surgery.