Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Green (Usable) Shopping Bags

I was an early adopter of green bags in Townsville after hearing about them from a morning interview (ok, it was Cheez TV, you got a problem with that?) I realise that the green bags are made of plastic themselves, but they are strong, large and can be used for years. How many years is yet to be determined for my bags, I haven't needed to recycle any of them yet. And they have saved me *hundreds and hundreds* of small plastic bags.

Now the main trick to this is you have to bring the bags when you do a major shop. If you don't bring the bags, then either you'll buy more or you'll end up with plastic bags. I started with one bag the first time, just to ensure that I would bring it back. I have a set of 5 bags (and one 'chiller' bag) which I bring regularly when shopping.

I switched because we never would bring the little bags back for recycling and we had heaps and heaps of bags stuffed in cupboards in the house. Hundreds of bags vs 5, it makes sense to use those green bags.

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