Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bagging a mouse

Of late, there have been unauthorised four-legged housemates, namely mice. We had snap trapped two of them and thought that might be the end.

No such luck, last night I saw a tail vanishing into the pantry and just knew it was a mouse. Slowly removed items till the mouse was exposed. Had a think about what to do. Mouse realised it was exposed and scrambled behind something else. I went and got a big shopping bag. While hold the bag along the edge of the pantry, shifted things till mouse was exposed again. This time, it tried running up the back of the pantry, fell and decided to dash off the front edge. And fell right into the bag. So I took the bag and mouse downstairs, outside and released it on the street. Cute little thing it was too.


  1. ...he then ran a block down the street, doubled back with a cry of "andale, andale, ariba, ariba, eh-hah!", and is nibbling stuff in your pantry right now. Did he look a little bit like this? :)

  2. Sorry Simon, but he had no clothes at all and seemed to prefer having 4 feet on the ground. Good try though.